S.C. ELECTRIC CONTROL S.R.L Pitesti operates in the activity field of the installation and commercialization of the componentes used for alarming systems, surveillance cameras, and automatization in the industrial, domestic and auto field. We have the possibility, through the firm, to develop complex projects in the electric and electronic domain. In our own workshop, or using collaborations, we can also bring about the mechanical components that are necessary for these projects. We are in the middle of a registering process in the Potential Contractors Register, for the research and development activity.

We commercialize a series of products through a presentation and sales store, as a local distributor of a number of important firms.

but also products that are designed and made in our firm,such as:

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for which, VERY IMPORTANT, we offer "key installation".

We carry out complex installations with alarming systems against burglary, surveillance cameras, and access control, having an IGP licence( licence no. 0914/T set by MAI/IGPR).
A very important component of our activity is represented by the automatizations of remote-controlled gates, store doors, garage doors and barriers.

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Although we are a rather new firm (nov 2004), we are quite well-known locally in our domain, through the former activity of our team's components. Therefore, we have over 300 clients in the gate automatization area, interphony, garden lighting, alarming and surveillance cameras systems, and industrial works.

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We are very well-known for our seriousness in customer relations, this assuring a continuously rising customers number. Also, every job well done meant that a client remained faithful to our services.We are interested in new clients appealing to our services, but also in collaborations with other firms. Therefore, we provide you with all the information that you need in order to find us and get to know everything about us.

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